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Rhetoric and Writing is a University of Texas requirement. In this course, you will spend a semester studying writing strategies and applying them to a topic of current interest. As you have probably guessed, the topic our department has selected for the 2014-2015 school year is the legalization of marijuana.

Perhaps you have asked what rhetoric, writing, and the "marijuana cigarettes” gracing the cover of your Controversies textbook have to do with you and your future. Whether you plan to be an engineer, a nurse, or an entrepreneur, the answer is everything. Completing a degree, landing a job that you want, and getting promoted to the job that you have always dreamed about all require you to listen, analyze and write.

At present, there are few topics more hotly debated in the United States than whether or not marijuana should be legalized. If you are able to write meaningfully about this controversy, then you will also be much better prepared to contribute to the critical conversations that define your particular field of study.

The resources we have assembled on this website will not replace the ones your instructor will share with you throughout the semester. They are tools to help you practice the concepts introduced in Controversies and empower you to write papers that you are proud of, for this and for all of your classes at the University of Texas.


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