Unit 3

The final stretch of RHE306 sets you up to craft your own convincing argument about your chosen controversy. 

You'll learn to:

  • Find convincing evidence
  • Find arguments that disagree with your perspective and respond to them
  • Identify your target audience and create an argument to persuade them
  • Compose an argument in a specific genre and medium, and turn your written argument into an oral one

At the end of the unit, you'll have produced two written assignments -- a short opposition paper and an argumentative essay which you'll revise and resubmit -- and completed an oral presentation.

For a full unit description and extended list of unit goals, click here.

The resources here are organized according to the chapters of Controversies, but remember, you can also refer back to the resources you used in Unit 1 and Unit 2! You're building on the research and summary skills you developed in Unit 1, and will be using the rhetorical strategies you learnt about in Unit 2 in your own argument.