Unit 2

Unit 2 focuses on rhetorical analysis. Here, you'll learn to identify and explain how an author makes their argument persuasive.

You'll learn to:

  • Research the context of an article
  • Critically evaluate texts you've found
  • Discuss how an argument functions using rhetorical vocabulary

At the end of this unit, you'll have produced three assignments -- two short papers and one extended rhetorical analysis of a single text which you'll revise and resubmit.

For a full unit description and extended list of unit goals, click here.

The resources here are organized according to the chapters of Controversies, but remember, you can also refer back to the resources you used in Unit 1: You're building on the research and summary skills you developed there, and Unit 2 also requires you to do research and summarize sources.

Similarly, you'll likely want to refer back to the resources here after you progress to Unit 3.

Chapter 4: Rhetorical Analysis: An Introduction. Here you'll start thinking about how authors make arguments.
Chapter 5: Reasons that People Invent. The resources here give you more detail about how authors reasons to think, feel and believe to convince an audience.
Chapter 6: Evidence that People Find
Chapter 7: Analyzing the Argument and the Audience.