Unit 1

The first weeks of RHE 306 focus on building the research and summary skills you'll need throughout the course and your college career.

You'll learn to:

  • Locate and evaluate articles related to your chosen topic
  • Clearly and effectively summarise an argument
  • Correctly credit other people for their work
  • Identify and communicate similarities and differences between texts

At the end of the unit, you will have produced four assignments -- three short research summaries and a research-length paper mapping your controversy which you'll revise and resubmit.

For a full unit description and extended list of goals, click here.

The resources here are organized according to the chapters in Controversies, but remember, you'll be using them throughout the semester, not just when you're reading that chapter of the book! Refer back to these pages as you need them.

Chapter 1: Finding and Evaluating Resources
. Here you'll find links to databases and search engines to help you locate texts, as well as resources for evaluating their merit.

Chapter 2: Summarizing Sources. Once you've found articles about your controversy, you'll need to be able to communicate them clearly and concisely. This page contains resources to help you summarise a text and credit your sources.

Chapter 3: Mapping the Controversy. Your research-length paper for this unit asks you to bring together various viewpoints into a map of your chosen controversy. Here you'll find resources to help you synthesise the different arguments you've located during your research.