Academic resources

This page contains links to academic resources which will assist you during RHE306, as well as throughout the rest of your college career.

Writing resources

The Undergraduate Writing Center here at UT (on the second floor of FAC) is an individual consultation service to help you improve your writing. You can make an appointment to meet with a consultant about an assignment or find a handout about your issue.

Purdue's Online Writing Lab, aka Purdue OWL, is an amazing and comprehensive set of resources for writing concerns.

The Oxford English Dictionary explains the meaning and history of every word you know, and many you don't (UT library login required).

Library resources

You can always start with the library home page, but the UT Libraries also maintain a set of resources just for RHE 306 students.

Library services for undergraduates include research advice, consultations with librarians, tutorials and more.

You can also chat live with a librarian with quick questions!

Campus resources

Some RHE 306 instructors -- and likely many of your instructors in other courses -- will administer the class through Canvas or Blackboard. You can access both sites here.

Digital Writing and Research Lab

If your RHE 306 section meets in a computer lab, you are in the Digital Writing and Research Lab. This gives you access to the Open Lab, where you can access lots of rad software and get help from proctors.

Data management

Over the course of your academic career, you are going to accrue a lot of data.

The UT Libraries have advice on citation software that's available at UT to help you catalog your resources and build bibliographies.

For a very extensive set of tools and resources, check out CUNY's Academic Commons page on data management.